His Hand of Protection

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His Hand of Protection
Jill Newman

Read: Psalm 121
Christmas Day this year at our house was exhausting! Our three grandsons, ages 4, 2 and 18 months, spent most of their time running around chasing each other and getting into absolutely everything they could reach. I got my workout for the day as I hurriedly put away breakable or possibly dangerous items that I’d left within reach, rushed to cover sharp corners with my hand so their little heads wouldn’t get bumped, and blocked their path, turning them around in a safer direction. Of course, the three of them were completely clueless that I was actually protecting them. They could only see that I was keeping them from the things they desired.
I can see the Lord doing this in my own life! How many times has He kept me from the dangerous things in my life in spite of my earnest desire to seek them? Or closed doors to the things that I was pursuing, forcing me to follow a new direction? How often has His hand of protection covered over the sharp corners in my path without my knowledge? And how many times have I been frustrated and angry that things weren’t going according to my plans and desires?
We run headlong into life while, unseen, our precious Father in Heaven, stands guard over us. Sometimes, He does let us bump our heads on the sharp corners of those things that we relentlessly pursue, or allows us to see where that rebellious path actually leads. However, when we ultimately fall and finally turn back to Him, He never hesitates to pick us up and hold us in His loving arms. Then we finally see that He was there all along.
Read: Psalm 121 again


Think of a time that the Lord frustrated you by blocking you from the desires of your heart. Looking back, can you see His hand of protection?
Think of a time that the Lord allowed you to pursue your own rebellious way. What was the outcome of that pursuit?
Challenge: Memorize Psalm 121

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